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Brewhaus imports and distributes only the finest quality granular activated carbon available. We absolutely will not sacrifice quality in order to offer a 'cheap' carbon. Our activated carbon is sourced only from well known, reputable suppliers with quality control measures in place, and has been extensively tested for use with alcohol. Out of several hundred available liquid phase carbon's, only a few are suitable for the filtration of alcohol. Some lower cost carbons will separate out solids during filtration due to incomplete acid washing, especially in difficult to wash coconut based carbons, actually resulting in a lower quality product after filtration.


All of our carbon has a quality guarantee
We sell only first quality, virgin activated carbon!


1.7L = 104 cubic inches.  This is sufficient for a 1.5" x 60" filter unit.

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(4 reviews)
Price: $5.99
Premium Grade Activated Stone Carbon- 0.4-0.85mm (20x40mesh)- 1.7L
(1 review)
Price: $7.99
Premium Grade Activated Carbon- 0.4-1.4mm (14x40 mesh)- 1.7L
(1 review)
Price: $5.95
Activated Carbon from coconut shell, 0.4-0.85mm (20x40 mesh), 1.7L
Price: $75.99
Premium Grade Activated Stone Carbon- 0.4-0.85mm- 27.5lbs
(6 reviews)
Price: $129.99
A complete stainless steel filter system
(9 reviews)
Price: $32.95
Chemical Tolerant Filter Unit system made of ABS plastic
(1 review)
Price: $12.95
Commercial Grade Filter Papers
125mm (4.9") diameter
Price: $8.99
Commercial Grade Filter Papers
55mm (2.1") diameter