The Amazing Still can act as a Moonshine Still, an Alcohol Still, and More

It's an inexpensive plastic bucket system used for purification and pot-style distillation.

The Amazing Still is a unique Swedish invention that anyone can build at home. It only takes about 15 minutes to make, and there's nothing to weld. You won't need a stove or cooling water, and the process pretty much maintains itself. If you already have a still, you could even use the Amazing Still for pre-distilling. It's a great first step if you want to give hobby distilling a try but aren't sure if you're ready to invest hundreds of dollars into it yet.  

To build the Amazing Still, you'll need the items below:


Our Amazing Still Products:
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10L Pail
Price: $5.99
10L plastic pail with lid
Fermenter- 32L w/Lid and Grommet
Price: $16.95
32L semi-transparent fermenter (brew bucket) with lid and grommet for airlock
Price: $0.89
3-piece airlock
Bung- Pure Tan Gum Rubber- Sm
Price: $2.99
Pure Tan Gum Rubber Bung, #10.5
Select Drilled or Un-drilled at the same price
Amazing Still Heater- 110V
Price: $34.95
110V Submersible Heater with thermostat
Solar Digital Thermometer- Fahrenheit
Price: $39.99
Stainless Steel construction with 1/2" NPT fitting

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