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Brewhaus offers only the books that we feel provide the most accurate and valid information to the hobby distiller, with topics ranging from how to get started to recipes for moonshine, rum, brandy, and more. Just be sure to check your local laws regarding alcohol distillation and licensing before you put your new knowledge into practice. 

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The Joy of Home Distilling
$14.95 Price: $11.95
Are you interested in home distilling but not sure where to start? This book is a must-read for beginner and intermediate distillers alike.
Distiller's Guide to Rum
Price: $27.95
A collaboration between Ian Smiley, Eric Watson & Michael Delevante.
Home Distillation Handbook
Price: $15.95
An excellent book for the beginner
Making Pure Corn Whiskey
Price: $24.95
An in-depth instruction on producing all-grain whiskey
Price: $14.95
A history of moonshine, plus recipes, how-to, and more
Recipe Handbook
Price: $3.95
Recipes for wine / brandy from almost anything

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