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Calculating finished alcohol percentage from Fermentation

Calculate using Specific Gravity Scale

Starting SG Final SG


Calculate using Oeschle Scale

Starting Oeschle Final Oeschle



Calculating potential alcohol percentage from Fermentation
based on amount of sugar used

Calculate potential alcohol based on amount of sugar and total mash volume
(note: use total volume being fermented, not volume of water used)
This will tell you the alcohol percentage after fermentation based on sugar usage

kg sugar Total volume (L)

  % potential


Dilution Ratio

Calculate how much base alcohol and distilled water to mix in order to dilute high-proof
alcohol to a given final percentage

%abv alcohol of base

%abv desired

 parts base
 parts distilled water


Calculating required amount of alcohol needed to obtain a specific
proof in a finished liquor or liqueur

Calculate how much base alcohol at a given percentage is required to make a finished
product with a specific alcohol content for any volume
(eg. 316ml of 95% alcohol is needed to make a 750ml bottle of 40% vodka- the rest
of the bottle can be filled with water, sugar, essence, etc., without altering the proof of
the finished liquor)

%abv alcohol to use

%abv desired

ml total desired

 ml of base needed


Converting sugar weight to volume

Calculate the volume of sugar needed in place of weight

g sugar

 ml sugar


General Conversions

Many of our items, because of being imported from a European country, have pertinent information listed only in Metric.  Unfortunately, this information is often not helpful in the US where measurements are in the Imperial system.

In addition, sugar addition for essences are listed in grams.  This is of no help for those without extremely accurate kitchen scales.

We have therefore created the tables below to help in making your liqueurs.


Conversion table for
Volumes listed on Prestige Essence bottles and Turbo Yeasts

Metric Imperial / Standard Equivalent
75cl  (750 ml) 25oz. (one-fifth)
20ml 2/3oz.
23L 6 US Gallons
25L 6.5 US Gallons


Conversion table for
Sugar Weight listed on Prestige Turbo Yeasts

Metric Imperial Weight Imperial Volume
6kg 13.25 lbs. 26.25 cups
8kg 17.75 lbs. 35 cups


Conversion table for
Sugar weights listed on Prestige Essence bottles

Metric Weight Metric Volume Imperial Weight Imperial Volume
25g 28ml 0.9oz 2 Tbsp
50g 57ml 1.75oz 0.25 cup
100g 115ml 3.5oz 0.5 cup
150g 170ml 5.25oz 0.7 cup  (2/3c + 1 Tsp)
200g 225ml 7oz 0.95 cup (1c - 2 Tsp)
250g 285ml 8.75oz 1.2 cup (1c + 3 Tbsp)

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