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Moonshine Still, Turbo Yeast, Distillers Yeast & Home Distilling Supplies from Brewhaus

Serving the Home Distilling and Brewing industry since 1992

Brewhaus (America) Inc. is the largest and most experienced manufacturer of moonshine stills and home distilling equipment and supplies in North America.  We offer the largest selection and best pricing on all moonshine making supplies, turbo yeast, and distillers yeast, with exremely fast shipping due to our large inventory and dedicated staff.

 As the oldest and most experienced supplier of small scale alcohol stills in America, we are able to offer the best service and knowledge to both commercial moonshine distillers and home distilling enthusiasts.

 Brewhaus (America) Inc. is the manufacturer of High Spirits Distillers Yeast and Turbo Yeast, and the sole American importer for The Original Prestige home distillation products from Sweden.  The Original Prestige were the originators of turbo yeast, and their essences are simply the best quality essences that we have ever found. 


(5 reviews)
$15.97 Price: $12.99
A pack with the Brewhaus Alcoholmeter, Hydrometer, and Glass Test Cylinder
(20 reviews)
Price: $459.99
A Complete High Volume Reflux Distillation Unit and Pot Distiller in one
Now with free Water Control System!
(1 review)
$67.99 Price: $59.99
Stainless Steel band heater for Brewhaus 8 and 15 gallon Premium Kettles
(3 reviews)
$99.99 Price: $94.99
The most complete fermentation starter kit available
$39.99 Price: $34.99
Stainless Steel construction with 1/2" NPT fitting
(3 reviews)
$3.59 Price: $1.99
Absinthe Pro TF Essence- Orange, 20ml



Brewhaus manufactures our superior quality alcohol stills and High Spirits turbo yeast and distillers yeast in the USA.  Each moonshine still that we produce is hand crafted to exacting standards, ensuring you the finest unit for all of your alcohol distilling and other home distilling needs.  Our stills are widely used as a moonshine distiller, whiskey still, or essential oil distiller.  If you are a commercial alcohol distiller we can also custom build a still to suit your specific distillation needs.

Although we refer to our home distillers as moonshine stills they have many uses other than for making moonshine.  They can be used to distill water, essential oils, vinegar, and fuel alcohol.

We build our distillers from dairy grade stainless steel tubing and the highest quailty stainless steel plate to ensure you the highest quality alcohol still possible, and we back them with our lifetime warranty!

Note: We do not accept any responsibility for illegal moonshine distillation or other illegal use.   Moonshine distilling is illegal in many countries. Our moonshine stills, alcohol stills, distillers yeast, and turbo yeast are intended for legal home distilling use.  We do not wish to promote illegal use of your moonshine still.