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with Glass collection container for total chemical tolerance!

The EasyStillTM is a high quality, stainless steel electric countertop distillation unit with a 4L capacity. It is based on the design of a popular water distillation unit, but has been factory modified for alcohol distillation by changing the heating element, increasing cooling, and omitting the chlorine release valve, plus additional proprietary adaptations. The unit is still capable of distilling water, simply at a slower rate. 

110V / 60Hz


Standard items included:

  • Filter System
  • Activated Carbon
  • 4L Glass Collection Container
  • EasyStill Residue Cleaner



EasyFilterTM Alcohol System

Not included elsewhere!!
Our custom, chemical tolerant EasyFilter System with Distillery Grade Activated Carbon is included at no extra cost. This is in addition to the carbon filter for water that comes standard with the distiller.  $14.95 value!


For EasyStill Instructions Click Here


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by Mitchell
on 8/25/2013
EasyStill is awesome!
I was a bit hesitant to buy this and though, what could it hurt? This little thing is awesome. First run of a very simple basic sugar shine product started at 150 proof and worked its way down. I AVERAGED 120proof which isn't too impressive but.... I ran it again (double distilled) and it started at 170 and averaged out at160proof. Awesome little machine. You aren't going to produce 10 gallons at a time but thats not the point of this... Would buy again. And again
by Scott
on 5/14/2012
Just getting into distilling. I figured i would try the small still first. I had the wash waiting for it when it arrived. Worked great. Just as advertised. I am now in the process of double distillation and am getting 84% ABV. "Lovin' every minute of it."
by Clifford
on 2/26/2011
YEAH BUDDY YEAH BUDDY YOU WANNA MAKE Whiskey HUH THIS IS THE STUFF RIGHT HERE Great Product just make sure you have the plugs pushed in all the way cause the instruction manual is for people who cant read good... other than the manual blowing.. this machine is sweet crystal clear shiney goodness. just takes a while to get going if* you fill it all the way up to the line
by Norm
on 12/4/2010
This just works
But it takes a LONG time for distilled water. I get the water from our refrigerator filter, left very little residue in the boiler, and a very clean water. Used the still for several batches of absinthe and, watched closely w/ a timer and checking volume output, a very fine product was made. Read the Gert Strand link to the Easystill, the instructions and information are very helpful. Impressive. Have a PS2 but find this is more useful for small volume work. Buy one.
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