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Item #: 80001000
Our Price: $329.99
Terms and Conditions
Kettle Selection
  • Lid with 2" Tri-Clamp Ferrule
Column Packing
Thermometer Type
Stainless Chain (suggested for Standard Kettle)
Stainless Steel Parrot
Also Included
  • Water Control System
  • Submersible Water Pump

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A true complete unit. We at Brewhaus do not believe in selling a stripped down unit just to show you a lower price, forcing you to purchase additional items in order to get up and running.


The Essential Extractor Pro Series II is a reflux distillation unit incorporating our Pro Series Cooling System and a 2-piece column for the greatest versatility.  By placing the cooling lines near the top of the distillation column, reflux is created where it is intended- at the top of the tower.  This allows for the most effective use of the column filling by causing the refluxed liquid to flow down through it, resulting in a cleaner distillate.  Crossing the cooling lines instead of leaving them parallel results in a much more efficient cooling system, requiring less cooling water while maintaining effectiveness.  And, by having the cooling system in direct contact with the rising vapor you achieve a far more efficient and effective cooling than systems that surround a column with a cooling water jacket.  The slow heat transfer rate through the thick column wall is much less efficient, and concentrates all of the cooling ability around the outside of the column.  The result of jacketed columns is liquid channeling down the walls of the column, while not cooling the majority of the vapor as it is not in contact with the column wall.  While such a system may operate faster, it is at the expense of quality. 


The two piece column- another Brewhaus innovation- allows the top portion of the column to attach directly to the kettle, giving you a true Pot Distillation column, without having to purchase another column separately.


The unit uses a full length column that is more than 3' long, for true reflux operation.  This results in a cleaner, more pure distillate.  We also include your choice of either Ceramic Raschig Rings or Copper Mesh column packing.  While adding copper to the distillation column can offer some definite advantages, many still prefer ceramic rings.  Only Brewhaus offers you a choice of column packing!


Solid Stainless Steel construction, using only dairy quality beverage tubing and high grade custom kettle components. We do not use utility pails or dairy milk cans for our kettles, which are not intended for welding or heating.



Complete system includes:

  • Pro Series II Column with Condenser and 2" Tri-Clamp connector
  • 30qt. (7.5 gallon) High Grade Stainless Steel Kettle with Handles
  • Aluminum Diffuser Plate
  • Submersible Water Pump
  • Hose Pack Included (Includes necessary hoses plus chemical tolerant distillate hose, E-Z Clamps, Brass Hose Fitting, Bung, Laboratory Thermometer, column filling material (Ceramic Raschig Rings or Copper Mesh))


The Essential Extractor Pro Series II is a reflux distiller utilizing a 2-piece column more than 3' tall for true Reflux operation, as well as the ability to attach only the top portion of the column to the kettle, resulting in a true Pot Distiller system. This development allows you to have both a Reflux Distiller and a Pot Distiller without having to purchase two separate columns, yet allowing you all of the benefits of both methods of distillation. While a single-piece column can be used in a Pot Distillation mode, the height of the column makes it a less than perfect solution. The Pro Series II system is very easy to assemble and operate, yet offers extremely high purity distillate.


As with all of the Essential Extractor units, the column uses a tri-clamp fitting making it directly compatible with a standard US (Sanke type) beer keg.


The Pro Series system was the first to incorporate our Patent Pending top-mount, crossed cooling line system. This cooling system puts the cooling where it should be- near the top of the column. Forcing reflux at the top of the column causes the condensed liquid to run down through more of the packing, as well as causing a rapid temperature drop immediately before the distillate take-off. This helps to ensure that only vapor with the lowest boiling point passes the cooling system, resulting in higher purity distillate, regardless of what product you are distilling.

As with all of our distillation units, the Essential Extractor Pro Series II unit is made of 100% Stainless Steel.


Included with the complete unit is everything that you need to get started, excluding your heat source:

  • 30qt. (7.5 gallon) High Grade Stainless Steel Kettle with handles and 316 Grade Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp fitting
  • Aluminum Diffuser Plate
  • 2-piece Stainless Steel 3' total length distillation column, made from dairy quality beverage tubing with 316 Grade Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp fittings, and 316 Grade Stainless Steel Condenser with Stainless Steel Condenser Jacket
  • 2 Chemical and Heat Tolerant Tri-Clamp Gaskets
  • 1 Chemical and Heat O-Ring for Keg
  • 2 Tri-Clamp Clamps
  • Column filling material- Ceramic Raschig Rings or Copper Mesh
  • Pure Tan Rubber Stopper
  • Laboratory Grade Thermometer
  • All necessary PVC hoses for cooling system
  • Chemical Tolerant distillate collection hose
  • All necessary Spring Hose Clamps
  • Brass Hose Fitting for connection to garden hose or outdoor hose bib (for direct water flow)
  • Submersible Pump (for re-circulating cooling water)
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Lifetime Warranty


Average Rating:
(based on 29 reviews)

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by Joe
on 2/27/2014
WOW this is nice
WOW what a deal I almost bought elsewhere and now I'm glad I didn't. This unit arrived in less then a week after I ordered it, Its beautifully welded and polished, all components fit like they were custom made to each other. The parts are heavy thick stainless steel now flimsy DENT easy junk metal. I am retiring my copper unit to DISPLAY mode however this unit surely fits that bill rite outa the box and by the way it was packaged Bulletproof style. I cant say enough about the quality you owe it to yourself to get this unit you wont be sorry. I'm sure when I run it I will be pleased. This thing is built for long life and should be all you'll need. I got friendly fast service and a great product I'm a customer for life now.
by Anthony
on 1/26/2014
Great Unit
I purchased unit on monday and had my first run through it on that Friday and i am extremely happy with the results. I went with the upgraded 15 gal premium kettel and would highly advise the upgrade. its a great value. I love this product and hope to be adding a High capacity unit to my collection soon
by Andy
on 7/1/2013
Essential Extractor Pro Series II - Premium
I have purchased this item after a long research. And I made the best choice. The workmanship of this item is just great. A handmade, US made item, everything comes together like a Swiss clock. The disiller comes with a book that explains how to assemble, how to use and maintain it. I see many years of use out of this item...I have used it to distill some old wine...the product came out as pure as spring water! Spend the extra dollars and get the premium kettle. is weel worth it. Purchased from Lowes the LP high pressure burner ($50) and matches the base of the kettle perfectly. Easy to adjust the burn rate. After one hour column got hot and begun dripping. In another one and a half hour job was done. Easy to clean. Provided hoses and pump work great. Just one thing, I think it was overlooked...not enough hose clamp. I used the distiller with the reflux column.
by Jim
on 4/30/2013
wonderful product, loads of fun.
I originally bought this unit because it was the only one that was available at the time. Needless to say I have had a blast with it. So much so that I have stepped up to the 3" verson of this unit.... I run it mainly as a pot still and have a hard time keeping the spirit under 165 on the first run. This unit just works and workes well. I buy everything I can from Brewhaus. The service and prices are great. Every product that I have tried is exactly what they say it is.... keep up the good work guys...
by Eric
on 2/14/2013
Great still
My Essential Extractor PSII with an 8 gallon premium kettle arrived about a month ago and I am having a ball with it! The workmanship is excellent and it is a dream to operate. Thanks to everyone at Brewhaus for a well-made product.
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