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Distillation is a process of separating compounds within a liquid. In the case of distilling alcohol, alcohol must be present in the liquid. Creating the alcohol is done through fermentation. This is the same process, and uses the same equipment, as making beer or wine. Brewhaus offers everything from individual components to complete starter kits, containing all of the items that you need to start fermenting.

The parts below can also be used to make the Amazing Still. What's the Amazing Still?

Our Fermenters and Parts Products:
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Starter Kit- Bronze
Price: $54.99
All the basics you need to ferment to make beer, wine, moonshine and more.
Starter Kit- Silver
Price: $61.99
Everything in our Bronze Starter Kit, plus Activated Stone Carbon!
Starter Kit- Gold
Price: $99.99
The most complete fermentation starter kit available
Fermenter- 32L w/Lid and Grommet
Price: $16.95
32L semi-transparent fermenter (brew bucket) with lid and grommet for airlock
Brew Belt
Price: $15.95
Wraps around your plastic fermenter to help maintain a warm and consistent temperature.
FermHeater*- Stainless Steel Heater, 68F-93F
Price: $29.95
A major upgrade from a band belt fermenter heater, the FermHeaterTM is a fully-submersible, stainless steel rod heater that will allow you to keep fermenting at a consistent temperature.  68F-93F range.
Thermometer- Stick-On
Price: $0.99
Easy to read Large Stick-On Thermometer for fermenters
Stainless Steel Siphon w/Clear PVC Tubing
Price: $7.99
A Type 316 Stainless Steel Racking Cane with 5' Tubing
Ultimate Siphon
Price: $11.99
Stainless Steel racking cane with 5' Chemical Tolerant Silicone tubing and Anti-sediment tip
Plastic Spoon
Price: $3.99
Long Handled Plastic Mixing Spoon
Price: $0.89
3-piece airlock
10L Pail
Price: $5.99
10L plastic pail with lid
Amazing Still Heater- 110V
Price: $34.95
110V Submersible Heater with thermostat
Bung- Pure Tan Gum Rubber- Sm
Price: $2.99
Pure Tan Gum Rubber Bung, #10.5
Select Drilled or Un-drilled at the same price
PE Foam
Price: $0.85
PE Foam, 1/8'' x 2', sold per foot
Test Pack
$15.97 Price: $12.99
A pack with the Brewhaus Alcoholmeter, Hydrometer, and Glass Test Cylinder
Test Cylinder- Glass- 13"
Price: $5.99
13" high Glass testing cylinder
Hydrometer- 30cm- dual scale- Premium
Price: $4.99
30cm dual scale Hydrometer
Alcoholmeter- 30cm- Premium
Price: $4.99
30cm Alcoholmeter, dual scale
Professional Alcoholmeter with Thermometer, 30-60%
Price: $14.95
Alcoholmeter with built-in Thermometer
30-60% abv reading

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