Brewing & Distilling Grains by Brewhaus Moonshine Stills

Brewing and Distilling Grains & Adjuncts

Brewhaus offers one of the widest selections of malted barley (base grains) for your wash, including specialty base grains for Scotch type whisky and other distilled spirits. We also offer a great selection of adjuncts. Adjuncts are simply the 'extras' to add character, but are not part of the base malted barley. Crushing is available on all of our whole grains, excluding bulk grain.

Our distilling and brewing grains are all selected for their high quality and consistency. For mashing additives, please see our Additives page.

Brewhaus is FDA-Registered, and a
Texas licensed Food Manufacturing Facility

We are also proud to be certified Kosher!

Our Grains and Adjuncts Products:
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2-Row Pale Malt- 5lbs
Price: $5.99
2-Row Pale Malt- 5lbs bag
2-Row Pale Malt- 50lbs
Price: $49.99
2-Row Pale Malt- 50lbs bulk bag
6-Row Pale Malt- 5lbs
Price: $5.99
6-Row Pale Malt- 5lbs bag
6-Row Pale Malt- 50lbs
Price: $49.99
6-Row Pale Malt- 50lbs bulk bag
Distiller's Malt- 5lbs
Price: $5.99
Distiller's Malt- 5lbs bag
Distiller's Malt- 50lbs
Price: $49.99
Distiller's Malt- 50lbs bag
White Wheat Malt- 5lbs
Price: $5.99
White Wheat Malt- 5lbs bag
White Wheat Malt- 50lbs
Price: $52.95
White Wheat Malt- 50lbs bulk bag
Flaked Maize- 5lbs
Price: $5.99
Flaked Maize- 5lbs bag
Flaked Maize- 50lbs
Price: $52.95
Flaked Maize- 50lbs bulk bag
Flaked Rye- 5lbs
Price: $5.95
Flaked Rye- 5lbs bag
Flaked Rye- 55lbs
Price: $55.95
Flaked Rye- 55lbs bulk bag
Flaked Wheat- 5lbs
Price: $5.95
Flaked Wheat- 5lbs bag
Flaked Wheat- 55lbs
Price: $55.95
Flaked Wheat- 55lbs bulk bag
Molasses- Light, 5 gallons
Price: $79.95
Premium, Light Unsulfered Molasses selected for its consistency and excellent performance in fermentation.
Molasses- Medium, 5 gallons
Price: $79.95
Premium, Medium Unsulfered Molasses selected for its consistency and excellent performance in fermentation.

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