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Moonshine stills, also known as alcohol stills, are distillers that have been built or modified for the primary purpose of moonshine distilling, or distilling of alcohol.  The actual term Moonshine Still is often misused.  While most people consider moonshine to be specifically a high-proof alcohol distilled from corn, the term moonshine is more correctly used to refer to any illicitly distilled alcohol. 


Although referred to by many as a moonshine still, any distiller is capable of working as an alcohol still with varying degrees of success.  A simple still, or pot still, will offer a lower degree of refinement, and is what was traditionally used for the distillation of moonshine.  Today, a pot still is considered one of the two primary types of alcohol stills, and is used mostly for the production of flavored spirits such as whisky, brandy, schapps, etc.


The second type of alcohol still today is a reflux still, or fractionating still.  A fractionating still will separate the vapor produced into fractions based on the boiling point of each component.  The so-called moonshine will have a lower boiling point than most of the other components, allowing a person to pull the highly purified alcohol from the still while leaving behind virtually all of the impurities.  This high-proof alcohol is often diluted and further refined by filtering through activated carbon in the production of vodka.  The product commonly referred to as moonshine generally does not go through this final process, and thus retains a character from the small amount of impurities remaining in the alcohol.


Brewhaus' alcohol stills are a combination of the traditional moonshine still and the more advanced reflux distiller.  By developing a distiller with the ability to operate as either a pot still or a fractionating still, we offer you the most versatility possible.  This is accomplished through using a two-piece column, which allows the user to connect just the upper portion of the column to the boiling vessel and operate a pot still, or to attach both portions of the distillation column and have a full reflux distiller.  This is not possible with a single-piece column, which will operate as only a reflux still or a column still.


While other companies attempt to copy our designs and even reduce the list of items included with a 'complete' distiller in order to get close to our pricing, Brewhaus' complete distillers include all of these items so that you do not need to add on items such as a hose pack in order to operate the unit, yet we still maintain considerably lower prices.  Just compare our prices and you will find a savings of as much as $100 or more, and in addition you receive items not even available elsewhere.  Brewhaus truly offers the best value on your distiller.


Brewhaus does not consider our distillers to be specifically moonshine stills or alcohol stills.  Although our design does allow the unit to be used for this purpose, our distillers can actually be used to distill water, essential oils, vinegars, and more.  And, with alcohol distillation requiring licensing in many countries, Brewhaus discourages such use without approval by any regulating authority, and is not liable for any illegal use.


For even more information about our distillers, including the quality of parts and material handling that sets us apart, please see our Distiller's and Parts page.


For in-depth information on the entire distillation process, go to


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(20 reviews)
Price: $459.99
A Complete High Volume Reflux Distillation Unit and Pot Distiller in one
Now with free Water Control System!
(1 review)
$67.99 Price: $59.99
Stainless Steel band heater for Brewhaus 8 and 15 gallon Premium Kettles
(20 reviews)
$229.99 Price: $209.99
with Free chemical tolerant alcohol filter system and activated stone carbon!
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Price: $329.99
The most complete distiller available- and at the lowest price
Now with free Water Control System!
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Price: $369.99
Our Complete High Capacity distiller with Keg Adapter instead of a kettle.
Now with free Water Control System!
(2 reviews)
Price: $299.99
A Complete, Stainless Steel Pot Distillation unit
(10 reviews)
Price: $179.99
A Combination Pot Distillation Column and Reflux Column with Connector
(6 reviews)
Price: $269.99
A High Volume Combination Pot Distillation Column and Reflux Column with Connector
(4 reviews)
Price: $114.99
A Complete 18'' Pot Distillation Column with Connector
(1 review)
Price: $39.00
All hoses, hose clamps, and column packing for Pro Series II or Pot Distiller column
(2 reviews)
Price: $14.95
Water Control System to split column and condenser water control
(1 review)
Price: $5.95
Chain for cleaning kettles without damaging stainless steel
(2 reviews)
Price: $54.95
High quality hotplate for use with the Essential Extractor
(8 reviews)
Price: $139.99
High quality professional grade hotplate with a solid cast iron element
(1 review)
Price: $2.99
Pure Tan Gum Rubber Bung, #10.5
Select Drilled or Un-drilled at the same price
Price: $6.99
Pure Tan Gum Rubber Bung, #13.5
Select Drilled or Un-drilled at the same price
(4 reviews)
$249.99 Price: $234.99
with Free chemical tolerant alcohol filter system and activated stone carbon!
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Price: $19.99
High output water pump for circulating cooling water