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Brewhaus Testing Equipment & Laboratory Meters

At Brewhaus we believe in offering the best quality testing equipment that we can find, without forcing you to break the bank. We have our alcoholmeters, hydrometers, and thermometers all produced specially for us in large quantities in order to offer you the lowest price while maintaining laboratory level quality.

Our Testing Equipment Products:
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Stainless Steel Parrot
$89.99 Price: $79.99
Stainless Steel Distiller's Parrot for inline proof testing
Test Pack
$15.97 Price: $12.99
A pack with the Brewhaus Alcoholmeter, Hydrometer, and Glass Test Cylinder
Hydrometer- 30cm- dual scale- Premium
Price: $4.99
30cm dual scale Hydrometer
Alcoholmeter- 30cm- Premium
Price: $4.99
30cm Alcoholmeter, dual scale
Professional Alcoholmeter with Thermometer, 30-60%
Price: $14.95
Alcoholmeter with built-in Thermometer
30-60% abv reading
Test Cylinder- Glass- 13"
Price: $5.99
13" high Glass testing cylinder
250ml Measure
Price: $7.95
250ml measure and testing cylinder
Chemical Tolerant Plastic
40ml Measure
Price: $0.25
40ml Measuring Cup
Solar Digital Thermometer- Fahrenheit
Price: $39.99
Stainless Steel construction with 1/2" NPT fitting
Solar Digital Thermometer- Celsius
$39.99 Price: $34.99
Stainless Steel construction with 1/2" NPT fitting
3" Analog Thermometer
Price: $24.99
Stainless Steel construction with 1/2" NPT fitting
Digital Thermometer
Price: $9.95
Digital thermometer with swivel head. Displays in Celsius (-50C-300C) and Fahrenheit (-58F-572F)
Thermometer- Laboratory Grade
Price: $6.95
Laboratory grade thermometer, Fahrenheith and Celsius
Floating Thermometer, 12"
Price: $5.95
12" Floating Thermometer.
Thermometer- Stick-On
Price: $0.99
Easy to read Large Stick-On Thermometer for fermenters
pH Meter
Price: $29.95
Digital pH Meter with +/- 0.1pH accuracy
Thermometer Sleeve- 3/16" hole
Price: $0.59
Chemical tolerant grommet for laboratory thermometer
Thermometer Sleeve- 1/8" hole
Price: $0.49
Chemical tolerant grommet for digital thermometer

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