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April 2014
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New Association Formed to Press for Legalization of Home Distilling

Hobby Distiller's Association
Did you know that owning and operating an alcohol still in the United States, as it is in most countries in the world, is illegal without proper licenses, even if you are producing only for personal consumption? Unlike beer and winemaking as a hobby, which are legal in most countries, distilling any of your homemade beer or wine is against the law. It is time to see this changed!  In response to this, Rick Morris of Brewhaus has founded the Hobby Distiller’s Association, with the first goal being federal legalization of distilling on a hobby basis in the USA.

While there have been attempts in the past to pursue legalization, none have had the unity and strength of the new association.  Most previous attempts to legalize home distilling have garnered little support, interest quickly waned, and the effort was abandoned.  By forming an association with members supporting the movement, and Brewhaus stepping up to back the organization financially, the Hobby Distiller’s Association is not going to be just another short-lived push for legalization.

Possibly the biggest difference between this effort and previous ones is that the Hobby Distiller’s Association has hired a lobbyist in Washington, DC, who is pushing our cause directly with legislators in Congress.

To show your support for the cause, or to get more information on the effort, please check out the HDA website at

Custom designs

Many people do not realize that we are able to perform custom welding on our distillers and kettles, and even take on completely some custom projects.  Brewhaus employs a welding and production staff right here at our warehouse in Texas, allowing us to do anything from minor customizations on our stock distillers to complete custom projects for commercial distilleries.  Of course, we still focus on the small scale distilling industry, so not all requests are within our scope.

Parrots are here!

BrewhausIn response to your requests, Brewhaus now manufactures a Stainless Steel Parrot for inline samples and alcoholmeter readings.  Simply connect your collection tube to the inlet on the parrot and the reservoir will fill as distillate is produced.  The outlet of the parrot can then be connected to your receiving container.

Made entirely of stainless steel and manufactured in the USA by Brewhaus, these parrots are very well built… and very well priced at just $89.99!

New Website!

BrewhausBrewhaus has a new website, with new features such as advanced product searching, and advanced sharing through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Our new system also validates payments so that if a payment is declined for any reason you are notified at the checkout and can re-enter your payment details, helping avoid shipping delays due to mis-keying credit card information. A copy of our catalog is now integrated into our website so that you can view it without having to download or print it, and our entire site has a cleaner feel, making it easier to navigate and find what you are looking for.

Premium Oak Barrels are back in stock!

Oak Barrel

At long last, our Premium Kegs are now back in stock!  These beautiful oak barrels are finished with a food grade stain and varnish and include a stand and pewter spigot.  Unlike cheap oak barrels from south of the border, these are actually a scaled down version of the barrels made for distilleries, and are great for aging wines and spirits.  They are available both toasted and charred, and work and look great!

Legalize Hobby Distilling

It is time to get involved…

First off, I would like to thank everyone on the Brewhaus Forum who has been involved in the discussions on how to best proceed in an attempt
to legalize hobby distilling, most notably JB and Alli. Now it is time for everyone else to do their part to make sure that we put forth a strong
effort, and create the best chance of actually getting things changed for the hobby distiller. To that end, a proposal is attached below that
can be sent to your Federal Representatives and Senators. The more people that take this step, the greater the chance of getting enough support
in Congress to actually get the law changed to essentially allow hobby distilling under the same umbrella as home brewing and winemaking. Do not
simply say that it cannot work. New Zealand is (relatively) recent proof to the contrary. Their laws changed to allow hobby distilling in 1996.
It can be done!

Alli has graciously offered to keep a spreadsheet of all representatives contacted and their responses, as that will
help us to gauge both our efforts and the support that we receive. You can send that information to Alli via the forums, or directly to his
e-mail address-

If you want this hobby brought out of the dark then please put in this small amount of effort. Do not just sit back and wait for others to do it.
We need to show the government that this is a strong group, and that it should be afforded the same rights as home brewing and winemaking-
it is simply an extension of those hobbies, and the next logical step in the hobby.

If you stand to gain from changing the law surrounding hobby distilling, then please do your part to help change it.

If you would like to learn more about the legalization efforts, please visit the discussion on our forum-
click here

Rick Morris

Proposal- click here
Find your US Representative-

Find your Senators-

New Turbo Yeast!

High Spirits Turbo Yeast

Manufactured by Brewhaus, these turbo yeasts are not just the same ol’ product with our label on it.  We literally blend, mix, and nitrogen-pack these yeasts here at our facility in Texas.  Yes, that’s right, it is produced right here in the USA!  More than three years of product development have gone into these yeasts, with our Whisky Yeast and Rum Turbo Yeast being supplied in bulk to distilleries for several years, but now available in single-use sachets.  What does this mean to you?

  • American made!
  • Freshest yeast possible!
  • Urea Free!
  • Best prices!

More information is available will be available shortly on

Essence and Yeast back in stock!

It has been a rough few weeks waiting on our latest shipment to be released, and it left our inventory on many essences and turbo yeasts quite depleted.  Well, our shipment is finally here, and most of the out of stock items are back in stock and ready to ship!

New Yeast and Essence

Yes, it is that time again- new products are here!  We have three new items, and an item revived and long forgotten, I am sure.

First the yeast.  Gert Strand’s new Black Bull Turbo Yeast is a low-cost option that can ferment a sugar wash up to 18% in as little as 5-6 days.  It is a clean fermenting yeast, comparing to the Black Label Turbo Yeast for speed, but at a lower cost.

Next, the essences.  We start with an old favorite- Compadre Red Italian Bitter essence, which is a Black Label level essence, and makes a great apertif.  We also have two new essences- Black Baccara Rum essence and Tango Gin essence.  Black Baccara Rum is a strong, dark, heavy rum reminiscent of blackstrap molasses rum from the Caribbean.  Tango Gin is a clean gin with a high juniper content, similar in flavor to Tangueray Gin*.

Try them all, and watch for more new products in the near future!

*trademark of respective manufacturer

New! 8 Gallon Induction Kettle

8 Gallon induction KettleBrewhaus now offers another option in distiller kettles- and induction ready kettle.  Based on the same design as our Premium kettle, the Induction kettle is made from a different grade of stainless steel to work with induction cookers.  The new Induction kettle still works with conventional heat sources, and includes an aluminum diffuser plate.  We will continue to offer our Premium kettle, which is produced from a very high grade of stainless steel, which cannot be cold worked to become magnetic and function on an induction cooker.  This makes our Premium kettle more corrosion resistant than most competing kettles.